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The #MyGreenStudy project: All about houseplants.

Learn more about the project and take the survey to support my dissertation!

A Christmas cactus (Schlumbergera) with bright pink flower buds. The words #mygreenstudy in a white cut-out.

#MyGreenStudy is a student-led initiative for those who share an appreciation and interest in houseplants. It has recently launched Twitter, Instagram and Facebook pages aiming to create a community of fellow houseplant enthusiasts!

The #MyGreenStudy team, led by Dr Alastair Culham and his team of University of Reading students: Georgina Jarman, Matthew Magson and Alexandra Stammschröer, aim to produce engaging content for our followers, including a houseplant database with care instructions and photographs.

In addition to this, #MyGreenStudy is running houseplant events at the University of Reading. The first plant swap and plant clinic last December was a great success with more than 200 plants were given away on the day! There is more to look forward to in the new year including more plant swap events and workshops on how to propagate plants.


The students are running #MyGreenStudy as part of their dissertation projects. They are interested in investigating questions like: Who owns houseplants? Why do we keep houseplants? And how do social media trends influence our love of plants?

To answer these questions I have put together a brief survey. It is for anyone over the age of 18 living in the UK or Ireland, whether you own houseplants or not. Please visit the following link to complete the questionnaire if you are able, it will take less than 15 minutes of your time:

You can find us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook (@mygreenstudy). Stay posted for houseplant content!

Thank you,

Georgina Jarman

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