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Peace Lily

Spathiphyllum wallisii

Peace lillies are the perfect beginner plant and produce beautiful white flowers.

They tolerate partial shade to partial sun and prefer to be kept in damp soil at room temperature.


For optimum conditions keep your peace lily within 16-23 degrees. However, they will cope within 12-25 degrees.


You can keep me in bright indirect light away from sunlight to partial shade. Their ability to thrive in a range of lighting conditions makes it a perfect beginner species.


Aim to keep the soil wet to the touch, but not soggy. Drooping leaves are a sign of over and underwatering!


As your immature plant begins to age it will form into a large clump. The best method of propagation is division where the root mass is subdivided and then re-potted. This is best done in Spring when growth is most vigorous.

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