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String of Hearts

Ceropegia linearis subsp. woodii

The String of hearts is a great feature hanging plant that needs little attention. Water whenever the soil becomes dry to the touch and keep in a warmer room that has bright light with some sun exposure.

Temperature: - Can be kept in a wide range of temperatures from 10-24 degrees. For optimum conditions keep at a warmer temperature of 18-24 degrees.


Lighting: - Keep your string of hearts in a bright position that receives some partial sunlight. This hanging plant could be a great feature hanging from the curtain pole as a center piece in a window.


Watering: - Watering should be infrequent when the first 2cm of soil is dry to the touch.


Soil Type: - Use a soil that has good drainage such as a cacti or succulent mix available from most garden centers.


Propagation: - This plant is easily propagated from cuttings. Simply cut a long hanging stem that has nodes along the stem. Leave these nodes submerged underwater to encourage root growth. Once the roots are around 0.5cm – 1cm long, plant the miniature plantlet into soil.

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