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Chinese Money Plant

Pilea peperomioides

The perfect beginner plant that thrives in bright indirect light, watering whenever the soil is dry to the touch. The Chinese money plant is a great introductory plant to trying your hand at propagation.


The Chinese money plant can be kept between 10-24 degrees (Optimum range of 18-24 degrees).



Water when the soil begins to dry out. This can be judged by inserting your finger into the first 2.5cm of soil. When watering your Pilea make the soil moist and damp and allow the water to drain. If all of the leaves on your plant begin to turn yellow, it’s a sure sign you are overwatering!



Routinely turn your Pilea’s pot to keep the stem straight or it will begin to grow curved toward the light over time. The best position for this plant is in a bright windowsill that receives little direct sunlight.


Soil Type:

Use a soil that has good drainage. This should include potting soil, grit, and some sand.



The mother plant will begin to produce smaller plantlets that sprout from the base of the plant. These plantlets can be cut with a sharp knife from the main plant and inserted into soil for the roots to develop independently of the mother.

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