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Eternal Flame

Calathea crocata
Calathea crocata.jpg

The vibrant orange flowers that protrude from Calathea crocata appear as if they were a torch of fire!

Unlike most Calatheas, the Eternal flame is known for its flowers rather than its foliage. Keep this plant in a warmer humid room averaging at 18 degrees and keep the soil moist by watering with tap water.


For optimum conditions a constant of 16-20 degrees is best – avoid sudden temperature fluctuations. However, they will tolerate lower temperatures of up to 12 degrees.



Like all Calathea, these plants originate from tropical rainforests and therefore love humidity. They are therefore a very popular addition to a bathroom. You can create this humidity by other means such as standing the pot on a tray of water filled with pebbles, misting the leaves or splashing out and buying a humidifier!



Keep the soil damp and moist at all times but avoid wet soil. Calatheas are also very fussy when it comes to water quality and don’t respond well to the harsh chemicals found in tap water. To avoid this, use bottled or rainwater instead.



These plants are native to tropical rainforests and therefore often found under dense canopies. They, therefore, do well in shaded to indirect bright conditions that are out of direct sunlight.


Soil Type:

Use a mix of potting soil, orchid bark, and coconut husk coir as an alternative to peat to create a damper moisture-retaining soil.



Calatheas can be propagated by division where the mother plant is divided into two. To do so, remove your plant from its pot and carefully break the root mass into two portions. Repot each new plant into the recommended soil and allow the plant to fully recover.

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