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Wandering Jew


There are over 75 species of Tradescantia and each has similar requirements of care. Keep your plant between 15-25 degrees in a bright position and keep the surface layer of soil moist to the touch.

Although Tradescantia is grown for their striking vibrant leaves - very small light purple flowers will grow on healthy plants.



For optimum conditions, keep your Tradescantia at room temperature within 15-25 degrees. However, they will cope at temperatures from 10-25 degrees.



Keep in a well-lit position. They will cope with some direct sunlight. Spindly growth with few leaves is a sign of insufficient light. When kept in a position that is too shaded, the variegation on each leaf can reduce and appear greener than normal.



You should aim to keep the soil relatively moist, however, allow the first 1cm of soil to dry out before watering.



The wandering Jew plant is very easy to propagate. Simply cut a stem below a node (small bud-like protrusion) and place it into water. Within a few days, small white root tips will appear from these nodes and will be ready to be planted into soil.

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