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Flamingo Flower


Anthuriums are widely available and are most commonly seen with red flowers. Keep your plant in a warmer room out of direct sunlight and water whenever the soil is dry to the touch.


Anthuriums do best in warmer rooms between 15-20 degrees. However, will tolerate a range of 10-30 degrees.



Your plant should be kept in a bright position. Keep your plant out of direct sunlight otherwise, the leaves will get burnt and will go crisp brown.



Anthuriums do not require to be frequently watered but should be based on whenever the first 3cm of soil becomes dry to the touch. Water and allow to drain to achieve a damp to the touch soil. Wait until these 3cm of soil has dried out again before its next water. If leaves begin to yellow, then your plant is being watered too often.


Soil Type:

Anthuriums prefer a loose airy mix. Use potting soil mixed with a peat alternative such as coconut husk coir, composted bark or fine orchid bark and then add grit or medium orchid bark to create a well-drained soil. Your chosen peat alternative will help to create a looser mix.



Anthuriums do love humid conditions and can, therefore, be a perfect plant for a bathroom. We recommend standing the pot over a tray of pebbles that contains water that will provide the humidity it needs.



This is a difficult plant for beginners to try propagation. Larger plants can be sub-divided by division.

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