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ZZ Zanzibar Gem Plant

Zamioculcas zamiifolia

The ZZ plant is relatively tolerant and can therefore be kept with moderate ease.

Keep your plant in a space out of direct sunlight at an average of 20 degrees centigrade and water when the soil dries out.


These plants are from warmer clines and therefore prefer to be within 16-24 degrees, however, will tolerate a range of 8-26 degrees.



The ZZ plant needs to be infrequently watered. This should be judged by inserting your finger into the first 5cm of water. Base waterings on whenever the soil becomes dry to the touch. The species is a perfect plant for a beginner as it tolerates drier conditions and therefore will survive when neglected. If the leaves begin to yellow, then you are overwatering!



The Zanzibar gem can be exposed to some direct sunlight but prefers a bright position that mostly avoids the sun. Brown-patching on leaves is a sign your plant is receiving too much sunlight and has been burnt.


Soil Type:

Use a well-drained soil mix as the ZZ plant can be susceptible to root rot when kept in too moist of a soil. The mix should contain the potting soil, plenty of grit and some bark which will retain a little moisture as you let your plants soil dry out before its next water.



The ZZ plant is harder to propagate when compared to other species and should therefore be avoided by beginners. You can make cuttings by cutting an aged stem that is woodier and place into water. Roots may develop over a long period of time and will have slow growth. The best propagation option is to divide your plant through the middle into two smaller clumps.

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