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Begonias are a good beginner plant that is easy to propagate from cuttings and need a bright position out of the sun with weekly watering to keep the soil moist.

Temperature: - Keep your plant in a room that’s between 15-20 degrees. They will tolerate a wider temperature range of 10-24 degrees.


Lighting: - Begonias do best in bright light but ensure it doesn’t receive any direct sunlight which will damage its soft leaves. If your plant appears “leggy” with fewer leaves placed further along the stem from one another then it is likely receiving too little light.


Watering: - Aim to keep the soil moist and allow the soil to begin to dry out before the next watering. Leaves are likely to begin to fall off the stem if it is receiving too much water.


Soil Type: - Ensure your begonias’ soil has very good drainage. To achieve this, use a mix that has plenty of perlite and sand. As an alternative to using perlite use grit.


Propagation: - These plants can be propagated by cuttings. Cut a matured stem and remove the bottom leaves closest to the cut. Leave the cutting to dry out slightly and form a callus. The cutting can be rooted in water to produce longer roots before replanting into soil.

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