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Aloe Vera


This easy to care for beginner plant has medicinal properties within its fleshy clear inside. Keep your aloe in a bright sunlit room and water infrequently whenever the soil completely dries out.


Aloes are native to Africa and love direct sunlight.



Keep your Aloe at room temperature between 15-24 degrees. However, they will tolerate temperatures that deviate around this optimum range and can cope with temperatures down to freezing.



In the heat of summer allow your plants soil to completely dry out before its next watering. Winter watering should be less prolific but should still be based on whenever the soil completely dries out.


Soil Type:

Aloes need a growing medium that has very good drainage. Use a mix with potting soil and plenty of sand and grit. The added sand will give your soil a finer composition and prevent compaction allowing for effective drainage. You can buy a ready-made succulent mix from most garden centres.



Aloe vera is incredibly easy to propagate and therefore perfect for the beginner to have a go at. Aloe pup plants will grow from the main mother plant as offshoots from the central stem. These can be broken away and put into water to encourage root growth before potting into a well-draining soil. Alternatively, you can cut a leaf off and leave it so the fleshy cut end is slightly dried and forms a callus before placing it into water to develop roots.


Medicinal yet toxic!

Aloe vera is used as a medicinal plant for many creams and lotions for soothing sores. However, when it’s not used topically it may be toxic to both pets and humans.

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