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The Launch of our Logo!

The MGS team collaborated with University of Reading typography and graphic design students, who assisted us in designing our visual presence. Both teams worked closely, making weekly amendments to the branding over two months and finishing in November 2019.

Initial Designs:

Initial logo designs included features that are associated with a student workspace, by incorporating books, and plants sprouting from a coffee mug (Figure 1 & 2).

Figure 1 & 2: Initial logo designs.

Our New Logos:

To comply with the MGS's objective of being botanically correct, finalised logos featured identifiable houseplants (Figure 3) that were given away at our plant swap events.

Instead of finishing with just one logo we decided on 5 changeable designs that could be swapped over to keep our site fresh!

Figure 3: The finalised My Green Study logo designs. Left to right: Crassula ovata, Opuntia spp., Tradescantia spp., Hypoestes phyllostachya & Haworthia spp

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