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#MyGreenStudy - Meet the team!

Meet the team behind #MyGreenStudy

My Green Study is led by Dr Alastair Culham and his team of University of Reading students.(Left to Right): Dr Alastair Culham, Alexandra Stammschröer, Matthew Magson & Georgina Jarman.
#MyGreenStudy endeavours to create a community for all that have an interest in houseplants

We’re a student-led initiative that aims to create a platform to share our knowledge on growing houseplants in student rooms. This will be achieved through a website with blogs and ‘character profiles’ on houseplants and a range of social media platforms to engage student growers.

My Green Study Endeavours

We aim to be more than just an ordinary database of plant profiles, but to build a community of fellow houseplant enthusiasts who wish to connect. Our upcoming site and linked social media accounts will host competitions and opportunities to host student plant swaps nationwide.

The Big Botany Challenge

The below poster was presented at the recent Big Botany Challenge Symposium on the 8th November 2019. The symposium reflected on the need for the National Curriculum to dedicate more content to plants in secondary schools. For more information on the Big Botany Challenge, please click here.

My Green Study's poster for The Big Botany Challenge Symposium

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